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Certified Planners

“How to Produce a Successful Golf Tournament” Online (Only $59)

Now you can take seminar “How to Produce a Golf Tournament” from the comfort of your home or office. Learn everything that you need to know about hosting a golf tournament in this 2 hour program. Over 5000 Tournament Planners have taken the class and have taken their event to the next level.

THE COURSE (What you will learn)

Step #1.        Creating the Plan
Step #2.        Developing Your Committee
Step #3.        Timeline
Step #4.        Budget
Step #5.         Finding the Best Golf Course
Step #6.        Choosing the Right Format
Step #7.        Selling Sponsors
Step #8.        Promoting Your Event
Step #9.         Recruiting Golfers

Step #10.        Gifts and Prizes
Step #11.         Games and Contests
Step #12.        Auctions
Step #13.        Signs and Banners
Step #14.        Photos and Videos
Step #15.        Day of Operations
Step #16.         Awards Ceremony
Step #17.         Tournament Evaluations
Step #18.         Follow Up
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“Become a Certified
Golf Tournament Planner” CGTP $59

After you take the class, take your career to the next level. “Become a Certified Golf Tournament Planner”. Now take the test and receive the benefits and credibility of Certification.

Certification Benefits:
•    CGTP Certificate
•    Name listed on the GTAA Website
•    Use of the CGTP Emblem
•    Use of the GTAA logo
•    National Credibility
•    Confidence and Knowledge
•    Monthly GTAA Conference
•    Special Vendor Pricing
•    National Conference
•    One on one GTAA assistance
•    PGA Receives 2 MSR Credits
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