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Night Golf Tour


$40 Per Player

The NGTA proudly announces the first ever competitive Night Golf Tournaments.

The NGT (Night Golf Tour) are competitive events around the country to determine the best Night Golfer in the US. Local events will lead up to State championships and the National Finals Championship. These events are played in the dark with LED golf balls.

The format is a 2 Man Scramble 9-hole event. The top teams from each will get to play free in the state finals. Golfers will play for prize fund and trophy. 

6:00pm   Golfer Check in 
6:30pm   Golfer Instructions
7:00pm   Shot gun start 
9:00pm  Awards Ceremony
10:00pm  Event Conclusion

2 Person Scramble - Gross - NGT Rules and regulations apply 
Best Ball is a golf tournament format in which the multiple golfers who make up a team compare their scores on each hole, and the one lowest score among them - the "best ball" among them - counts as the team score. 

1. You are not required to play in one of the Regional Tournaments listed below to play in the Arizona State Championship but it certainly makes sense to do so. 
2. You may play in just 1 Regional Championship or choose to play in them all There are no eliminations and anyone can play in the State Championships
3. The winning team from each Regional Championship will receive free entry into the State Championships.

1st Place Team $500 Prize Fund plus trophy
2nd Place Team $300 Prize Fund plus trophy
3rd Place Team $200 Prize Fund plus trophy

REGISTRATION FEES - $80 per team 
Golfers receive; Greens fees and golf ball (Food & Drinks optional) 

Golfers may bring their own golf balls or choose from selection available at the event. 

CURRENT SCHEDULE (Note Schedule Change)

October 8             AZ State Championships               Continental GC

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